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  • 12 Holiday Safety Tips
    12 Holiday Safety Tips

    If you truly want to make this holiday season a merry and bright one for you and your loved ones, here are a few safety tips to follow that will guarantee you do have a great holiday. https://www.pare ...

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  • Send Help to Puerto Rico
    Send Help to Puerto Rico

    Many organizations have come forward and asked for donations to help those affected by the disaster Hurricane Maria created in Puerto Rico. Though you may be tempted to immediately reach out and help, ...

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  • Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief
    Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

    Many islands, including Puerto Rico, have suffered devastation as a result of Hurricane Maria. The whole island of Puerto Rico is under curfew and flash flood warning until Saturday, even though the ...

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  • What to expect before Hurricane Irma?
    What to expect before Hurricane Irma?

    Hurricane Irma is approaching. What to expect over the next few days.…/fl-sb-hurricane-irma-daily-ti…

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  • School Bus Safety
    School Bus Safety

    Back to school is less than a week away and everyone is running around making sure they are prepared for it. With it comes school buses. Every single year, there is an article on the news about school ...

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  • What is HIPAA?
    What is HIPAA?

    We've all been to doctors, hospitals or some other medical practice at one time or another. Some have even retained an attorney in relation to an accident. If you are one of those, then you've seen ...

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