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The Worst Impalements in America

Many people slip and fall on dangerous objects or are accidentally hurt by a sharp object, but CBS News recently created a list of the most shocking medical X-rays in recent years. In these photos, men and women are seen with all sorts of sharp objects protruding from their body. While the cases may seem rare, they reflect a population that has been grossly injured from a fall or from the negligence of another person. Among the X-rays is that of 16-year-old Yasser Lopez’s head.

Earlier this year, the teen was impaled by a spear that was launched from a spear gun his friend was holding. Miraculously, the three-foot spear which shot all the way through Lopez’s brain missed every vital vessel. The youth was able to recover from the injury with surgery and a long period of resting.

In another shocking X-ray, a street vendor named Karla Flores was captured with a grenade lodged in her jaw. According to her testimony, the woman was caught in crossfire when someone shot off the rocket-propelled grenade. The weapon did not go off when it penetrated her jawbone, and remained there. The medical team had to give Flores a tracheotomy so that she could breathe, and then had a bomb-disposal team remove the grenade before it went off. In another shocking occurrence, an old man tripped while doing gardening work and was impaled by his bush-cutting shears.

The elderly man lost his eye, and the sheers invaded his neck area. Miraculously, he was able to recover from the hardships. Another man on CBS’ list of shocking X-rays fell on a pen, which lodged into his forehead. A toddler was also X-rayed with a pen in his head, which had penetrated his upper lip and rushed into his eye socket when he tripped while holding the writing tool in his mouth. If you have been hurt in one of these obscure ways by a painful impalement, and you are not responsible for the accident, then you can seek litigation against the person who compromised your safety. Learn more about personal injury lawsuits by exploring our website.