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You are minding your own business, grocery shopping, when suddenly your feet fly from underneath you and you fall heavily to the floor, landing awkwardly on your hip and your wrist. Not only are you in pain, but you are shocked and may be embarrassed as well. You struggle to your feet and see that there is a puddle of liquid on the floor from a product that must have fallen off a shelf. There is no warning sign, so you had no chance to see the spill and avoid it. What can you do?

First and foremost, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. However, if you are able, take pictures of the scene with your cell phone or camera so you have evidence of what happened. Then, contact an attorney to see what legal action you may be able to take so you can get a settlement to pay for your medical expenses. If your injury is severe enough, you may miss work and may suffer emotionally – this too deserves compensation. A skilled accident attorney can handle your claim and lawsuit for you, giving you the best opportunity of getting maximum compensation.

Slip and Fall/Trip and Fall Accidents & Injuries in South Florida

Everywhere you go, you may be at risk of slipping and falling because of an unforeseen hazard: uneven pavement, a slippery floor, an icy walkway or a broken stair. When you slip and fall, you can seriously injure yourself. Broken bones, sprains, and back, neck and spine injuries are all common in the case of a slip and fall accident.

Something which may not be common knowledge is that property owners actually have a responsibility to those people who visit their premises to keep the property well-maintained and free from hazards. When a property owner is negligent and neglects this duty – and you are injured as a result – you may be able to sue the property owner for damages that you have suffered as a result of your injury. With the help of a lawyer, you can file a claim and may receive a settlement from the property owner’s insurance company or may receive compensation after a lawsuit in civil court.

Either way, you may receive money to help you pay for:

  • Your inability to work for a certain amount of time
  • Medical bills (current and future)
  • Pain and suffering

At Negroni Law Group, we are committed to helping accident victims throughout Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties, Florida. We believe that negligent conduct deserves to be penalized and that safety rules and regulations in public places should be enforced.

After an injury, do not hesitate to pursue the compensation you need and deserve. Contact a Broward County Attorney today for a free consultation.

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