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Woman Files Slip and File Suit against Local Grocery Store

On September 9th, a woman by the name of Earlene Stewart filed a slip and fall accident lawsuit against a local grocery store, H-E-B Grocery.  Stewart alleges that she slipped and fell on an unidentifiable liquid while lingering near the entrance of the store.  She filed her claim in Jefferson County District Court.

According to the documents filed by Stewart, she was shopping on June 5th "when she slipped in a liquid substance on the floor of defendant's premises."  She claims she "was exercising reasonable care for her own safety" and that the liquid substance posed a threat to the safety of the store's customers.

In her personal injury claim, Stewart says that H-E-B negligently failed to maintain its premises in a safe condition.  As a result of her slip and fall, she said she sustained injuries to her wrist, hip, shoulder, back and spine.  She is hoping to obtain monetary damages for past and future mental anguish, her medical bills, lost wages, legal fees and impairment.

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