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Two-Year-Old Strangled in Window Blinds

Children often like to play with dangling cords or ropes, which is why parents tend to baby-proof their house when their toddler’s reach an age of curiosity. Children will toy with dangerous objects, sometimes injuring themselves in the process. Recently, a devastating occurrence caused the death of a two-year-old child. Blind Xpress window blinds have a small white loop cord which dangles from the window and opens and closes the blinds. While this cord is a standard aspect of many different window blinds, this particular model posed a direct danger to children because of the length and strength of the rope.

After the two-year-old child fell victim to this dangerous cord, the company agreed with the Consumer Product and Safety Commission to recall their blinds in order to prevent other dangerous injuries and deaths. Blind Xpress has specifically recalled their vertical and horizontal blinds that do not have a tension cord that either attaches to the wall or to the ground in order to open and close the product. The blinds were only sold at specialty stores in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, but have been on the market for about 6 years. They cost between $16 and $380 depending on the model and year. They were all manufactured in the United States.

The Window Covering Safety Council says that they are offering free repair kits to anyone with the blinds, and encourage the people take them off the windows until they receive this kit. This is especially true if you have an infant or toddler in your house that could possible become tangled in the blinds, like the two-year-old girl in Michigan did this past month. If your child was injured because of a lose cord or another safety hazard, then contact a personal injury lawyer to represent you in your quest for compensation!