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Two Injured After Florida Parking Structure Collapses

A security guard and a contractor were near a parking structure in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when the cement structure toppled over, harming the victims. While both men survived the incident, they were rushed to the hospital with injuries. According to a witness, the collapse was sudden, and caused a loud rumble that could even be heard inside the court house that is adjacent to the structure.

The accident happened around 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday. According to Firehouse, the structure was being demolished at the time, but it was not supposed to tumble to pieces like it did. Apparently the structure was disassembled in a way that shifted the pressure, causing the cement and iron to crumble.The members inside the court house at the time of the collapse said that they heard a loud boom and then felt the ground shake as the structure came down. The security guard who was taken to the hospital says that his main injury was caused by a piece of flying debris when the wall buckled. The injured contractor was able to leave the hospital shortly after he arrived with only minor injuries. He was overseeing the demolition when the collapse took place.

According to James A. Cummings General Contractors, the crew made sure that there was no one inside the parking structure when they started the demolition. Even though the structure happened to fall much harder and quicker than they expected, they had taken precautions just in case. Members at the courthouse were disappointed because the collapse caused damage to the building, which is adjacent to where the structure used to be. If you were hurt on the job in an accident like this one, then you have the right to workers’ compensation. Talk to a personal injury attorney t Negroni today for more information!