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Two Casinos Close After Aquarium Springs a Leak

When you have large aquarium tanks surrounding your place of work or recreation, you certainly don’t want to hear that the tanks have a leak. Yet that is exactly what two Gulfstream Park casinos hear when they were asked to close down for the day. One of the casinos had an impressive aquarium on the second floor, but when the 13,000 gallon tank started to leak, the workers and visitors were quickly ushered out of the vicinity.

The casing that kept the water in cracked around Sunday afternoon. While many slow machines and a poker room will be closed while people quickly work to repair the tank, the shopping and dining rooms will stay open. When the tank cracked, a casino employee says that the rushed to the scene and tried to plug the leak with bar towels. They then called emergency services and repairmen to work on the issue.

According to the Associated Press, about 10,000 gallons of water spilled from the tank, leaving the fish to thrive in only 3,000 gallons of saltwater. Had the tank burst, it would have flooded the casinos, causing property damage and potential injuries. Only about 12 fish were able to survive the traumatic ordeal.

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