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Night Lights Pose Danger of Fire

Night lights are supposed to prevent injury by providing light in the nighttime when you are moving about in your home. While people often plug in these small lights as a sort of precaution, a recent press release reveals that some night lights may actually be a threat to your safety. Specifically, a rotating LED nightlight by Energizer has been reported to burst into flames.

Energizer sold about 260,000 before they began getting calls from people who said that their nightlight started a small fire in their home. The night lights would overheat when turned on for multiple hours, and then spark. While the company has received 9 calls about this issue, they say that only three of the incidents actually caused damage.

These specific nightlights have an LED light inside of an adjustable dome. The small light only measures about 2 inches tall, and has the model number NLPROT. The lights were only sold at Target stores between January 2101 and January 2011 before the manufacturing was altered to make the lights safer. In addition to night lights, you should also be cautious when leaving lamps on at night. Sometimes the light bulbs can overheat and burst, creating a fire that can cause property damage and potential burn wounds or death.

If you have been hurt because of an overheated product, then you may want to talk to a personal injury lawyer. This is especially true if you have medical bills that you have to pay that are in relation to the accident. You shouldn’t have to pay those mounting costs just because someone else was not able to create a safe product for consumers. Talk to a personal injury lawyer at the Negroni Law Firm today if you live in Florida and were harmed by a defective night light or lamp!