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Man Attacked by Pit Bull While Mowing Lawn

Dogs can be a man’s best friend, but an unfriendly dog can also be a man’s worst enemy. Pit bulls are often referred to as one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the United States. In fact, pit bulls and Rottweiler’s are considered the most dangerous dogs in America. The two dog breeds together account for about 74 percent of all fatal attacks in the U.S. Pit bills and Rottweilers account for about 64 percent of all recorded fatal attacks, and are often used for illegal dogfighting because of their violent nature.

The dogs also have a robust jaw strength that makes their bite even more dangerous, and they are relentless during an attack. Fox News recently reported that an 84-year-old Florida man was mowing his lawn when a pit bull approached him, and suddenly attacked. The dog was owned by a neighbor, who had dialed to give his animal a require rabies vaccination. Law enforcement cited the owner for four offenses, including failing to take notice of his dog.

The victim of the attack was bit on the head, neck, arms and legs. He lost a tremendous amount of blood in the horrific attack. According to Julius Arwich, the injured individual, the attack was unprovoked. The violent dog simply arrived on the lawn and proceeded to maul the defenseless older gentleman. The dog’s owner will attend a hearing on September 11th, and Florida authorities have seized the dog for the time being. They also took ownership of another dog that was owned by the same man. The dogs are in confinement at the Levy County Animal Services. If you are the victim of an unprovoked dog attack, then you have the right to press charges against the dog’s owner. Contact a lawyer at Negroni to start working towards a settlement today!