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Florida A & M University Trying to Settle Suit Over Band Hazing

A family was devastated when they heard that their son, Robert Champion, had died at Florida A&M University. The reason for his death was not a freak accident, a medical condition, or a car crash. Instead, their beloved son was killed in a hazing tradition that went too far. Champion was a drum major at the school, and fellow students decided to beat him in a ritual which was supposed to act as an orientation into the group.

According to the lawsuit, about 100 students began to beat champion during the hazing. Supposedly, the university officials did not take action to stop the hazing even though a school dean proposed suspending the band because of the young man’s death. Also, Champion’s family claims that the school allowed non-university students to participate in the band, and did not keep a close eye on the members of the band.

A judge has required mediation before Champion’s family can sue the university for wrongful death. Attorneys for the family and the university will meet along with their clients to try and settle on a compensation that is both appropriate and affordable on both sides. In addition to a lawsuit, eleven students at the school are facing felony charges for participating in the hazing and facilitating the death of the poor freshman student.

Another two students will have to answer to the courts regarding misdemeanor charges. The Champions say that they are fighting for the safety of future students, not for the money. They believe that litigation can help to keep the school accountable, but have not disclosed how much they hope to receive. In Florida, any settlement that is over $300,000 needs to be approved by the Florida Legislature. If your loved one was killed in a careless way, such as a hazing or a reckless activity, then talk to a personal injury lawyer about seeking wrongful death compensation!