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DeVilbiss Air Power Company Recalls Air Compressors

Last month, several people contacted the Consumer Product and Safety Commission to report the dangers of Craftsman air compressors. These compressors are formally titled as EX-CELL, Porter-Cable, and Pro-Air II compressors. The tools were normally sold at companies like Sears. Not only were the compressors not doing their job, but they became a fire hazard. Several consumers reported that their compressor burst into flames upon use, and posed the possibility of setting their entire home on fire as well. The company has declared that all consumers with these models of DeVilbiss Air Power compressors need to unplug and stop using the machines, or head to their local Sears to get a free repair kit.

About 460,000 units have been affected by the recall. The compressors were manufactured in Jackson, Tennessee, but distributed all over the nation. There have been 10 reports of the compressors over-heating and bursting into flames, but thankfully no injuries have been reported. If you are put in danger because of a malfunctioning product, and you are hurt, then you can contact a personal injury attorney to seek compensation for your hurt. You don’t deserve to suffer and have to pay expensive medical bills just because a company failed to make a product that performed as was expected.

You will want to contact a local attorney to discuss your case, and should also call the CSPC so that you can report the issue. If enough people call with concerns, then the CPSC will issue a recall like this one to warn other consumers of the dangers that the product presents. While the CPSC wants to make sure that tools are safe before they are sold, there are times that mistakes aren’t discovered until later on. Make sure to make the problems with your products known, in order to protect other citizens form harm!