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Real Estate Company Sued for Unsafe Staircase

A man in Harris County, Texas was exploring a Spring-area apartment with the intent to purchase a complex there when he slipped and fell off of the stairs. He decided to take legal action, claiming that the stairwell wasn’t safe. The victim, Travares Lucas, filed a lawsuit in a Harris County District Court, and listed Tritex Real Estate Advisors as plaintiffs in the case. He cited negligence. Lucas claims that he suffered injuries when he fell down the stairs at the apartment. He says that stairwell was not only unsafe, but was actually detached from the structure. He claims that it was not his clumsiness that caused the fall, but poor upkeep of the complex.

The injured man is seeking damages and court costs in the lawsuit, and hopes that the complex will promptly fix their stairwell so that others aren’t injured. While this incident occurred in Texas, stairwell accidents can occur in any state. Whenever you are harmed because of an obvious lack of upkeep at an apartment complex, condo complex, hotel, or another place of residence, then you can sue the real estate company or landlord responsible. Landlords are responsible to keep their properties clear of safety hazards. Broken stairwells, rusty stakes, or even crumbling walls can all be a threat to resident safety.

When you are injured falling down stairs, you could suffer a brain injury broken bone, torn muscle, or a variety of other injuries. When this happens, you will need to undergo expensive medical treatments. You shouldn’t have to pay for this treatment on your own if you weren’t responsible. Contact a personal injury attorney for more information! At the Negroni Law Group we are dedicated to helping residents of Broward County with all their personal injury needs. If you were injured on dangerous stairs or were the victim of a slip and fall incident, then contact us today to seek compensation.