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Parents Sue School for Allowing Child Sex Abuse

A family in Indiana is seeking compensation from Ball State University after they discovered that their son was subject to sexual abuse by fellow second-graders in his elementary school classroom. The parents claim that the young children acted out scenes from pornographic videos that they downloaded on school computers.

ABC News states that the boy was 8-year-old when he was allegedly forced to engage in sexual acts with his classmates at the Burris Laboratory School in Muncie. The school is run by Ball State University which is why the parents have chosen to list the facility as a plaintiff. The University argues that they did everything that they could to stop the sexual abuse. They say that the second-graders’ activities were reported to the Indiana Department of Child Services as well as the police department in December of 2011 when the offenses were discovered.

The University argues that the parents have gone too far in their claims and that the graphic stories that they have produced have no resemblance to what actually took place at the school. Yet the parents of the victim say that he has suffered intense emotional and psychological trauma as a result of the incident and deserves fair compensation. The family’s attorney says that the child was certainly a victim and that he may not have been the only child subjected to the molestations. The children were given unsupervised access to the internet on their iPads and on school computers, where they were able to access adult videos and watch them.

The children would then take long, unsupervised breaks in the restroom to act out the scenes that they had watched. While most of the crimes took place in the bathroom, the plaintiffs claim that they children also acted inappropriately in the library and in vacant classrooms. If your child has been a victim of sex abuse that could have been prevented by better supervision, then you have the right to sue as well. Contact a personal injury attorney right away for more information about sex abuse claims.