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Birth Control Pills Recalled for Ineffectiveness

If you are taking birth control, you want to know that that pill will keep you from getting pregnant. There is no point in taking a contraceptive that doesn’t prevent this, which is why Pfizer has had to recall a variety of their products. According to Reuters, the birth control manufacturing company will recall about one million packets of birth control pills in the United States because they may not contain enough contraceptive to prevent a pregnancy. The company says that the birth control does not pose any additional health threats to women, but may not be to their benefit either.

The company says that they want all women who use the birth control to start using a non-hormonal form of contraception immediately in order to avoid the risk of becoming pregnant. The drug-maker is ordering a specific recall on 14 lots of Lo/Ovral-28 tablets and 14 lots of Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol tablets. Scientists discovered that the birth control was not as effective as it should be when they tested the pills and noted that there was an inexact count of inert or active ingredients. This means that the pills might not have the strength to prevent contraception.

The pills were manufactured by the company Pfizer and marketed by Akrimax Pharmaceuticals. The pills were then shipped to warehouses and retail pharmacies all over the country. If you believe that you are affected by this recall, you should take action immediately. If you become pregnant because you have been using this contraceptive, then you may be able to sue for a defective product When you purchase a contraceptive you want to trust that it will work. When you are let down because of deficiencies in the pill, you have the right to seek compensation from the company. Talk to a lawyer at our firm if you need more information about defective product lawsuits or want to sue a company that issued you an ineffective birth control.