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American Airlines Seats Come Loose During Flight

For many people, flying is a scary activity. Because plane crashes occur from time to time, many men and women take plane safety very seriously. Every time before a plane takes off, flight attendants demonstrate how to fasten a seatbelt, use the seat as a life vest, exit from the plane in the event of a crash, or work an oxygen mask. These precautions are used to keep passengers safe in the event that something goes wrong. With all these precautions in place, you can imagine people’s fear when their seats came loose on an American Airlines flight. Two Boeing 757 jets were reported for having loose seats that rumbled and moved as the airplane took off. Within the first two days of October, three rows of seats came loose from the floor of the aircraft on two separate plans.

The third incident was reported by the New York Post, which claims that the American 757 was on its way from Vail, Colorado to Dallas, Texas. Another instance happened on a 757 that was on a New York City to Miami flight. A third occurrence has also been reported on an American Airlines flight from Boston to Miami. American Airlines says that the aircraft that were involved in the issue have all recently gone through a seat reconfiguration to create extra leg room. The reconfiguration has created a premium seating section in the economy cabin. Because all of the airplanes chanced the seating, chances are that they failed to assemble them correctly.

American Airline’s Mechanics Union released a statement to the press saying that they deny any connection with the loose seats and the company’s bankruptcy. Instead, they believe that the blame can only be placed on the American Airlines employees that were reconfiguring the seat arrangements and installing the seats on the airplanes. If you injured in an accident like this and your seat fell on an American Airlines flight, then contact a personal injury lawyer to help you seek compensation for personal injury and premises liability. When you are on an airplane, you deserve to feel safe. If you were harmed, then seek that damages you deserve with the help of a lawyer from the Negroni Law Group!