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Officer Injured While Riding in Presidential Motorcade

Reports indicate that an officer with the Hillsborough County Police Department was injured while riding with the presidential motorcade last week. At this time, the motorcycle accident is still under investigation, but the deputy is reported to have sustained non-life threatening injuries. Deputy C.K., 37, was found lying on the side of the road near his motorcycle by a member of the Secret Service. Although he was conscious and alert when discovered, C.K. was clutching his leg in what appeared to be pain. He was later transported to an area hospital with several scrapes and bruises, as well as what might have been a dislocated shoulder.

The deputy was escorting President Barack Obama to the Tampa Port when the accident took place. Have you recently sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident? If so, contact the Negroni Law Group now to discuss your case with a Broward County personal injury lawyer. In some cases, you may be allowed to file a lawsuit to seek damages for your injuries, medical costs, and even lost wages from having to take time off from work.