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Motivational Speaker Hurt during Bicycle Accident

Reports indicate that a motivational speaker was admitted to a hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah last week. He sustained a head injury during a bicycle accident but is expected to recover from the incident. According to the doctors taking care of Stephen R. Covey, 79, he lost control of his bicycle and fell off. Even though he was wearing a helmet Covey sustained injuries that prompted doctors to keep him in the hospital for several days. After running a battery of tests, doctors stated that there was no long-term damage to be found.

The motivational speaker was riding alone through some steep foothills when the bicycle accident took place. He was found lying by the side of the road unconscious and bleeding from the head before he was taken to the hospital. While an x-ray showed bleeding on the frontal lobe of his brain, doctors are confident that he will be released from the hospital shortly. Covey is best known for his book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". If you were injured during a bicycle accident and believe negligence was involved, consult a Broward County personal injury attorney now by contacting the Negroni Law Group to arrange your initial case evaluation.