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Fatality Reported after Georgia Boat Accident

News sources say that a man lost his life in a boat accident last week in the state of Georgia. He was riding on a pontoon boat with a friend when it was reportedly struck by another vessel. At this time, the accident is under investigation by the local authorities and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The victim, 59-year-old S.B.J., was a passenger on the boat with his friend when it was struck by a ski boat. A motorist witnessed the accident and called 911 immediately for assistance.

It appears as though the ski boat hit an unknown object in the water, which caused it to steer off course and directly into the path of the oncoming pontoon. The two passengers of the ski boat swam to shore and were able to flag down help. Reports indicate that it took nearly thirty minutes for an air rescue crew to locate the body of the deceased victim. His companion was found shortly after clinging to the damaged vessel. Hurt during a boating accident on Florida waters? Contact the Negroni Law Group now to see how a Broward County personal injury lawyer can be of assistance to you throughout your case.