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Families of Boat Accident Victims File Wrongful Death Claim

The families of two Hungarian teenagers killed in a boat accident in 2010 will finally see their day in court. After filing a wrongful death lawsuit against two parties, the families are waiting to hear the outcome of their case. In 2010 the two victims – S.P., 20, and D.S., 16 – were on a duck boat taking a tour around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At some point during the tour the boat stalled but the passengers were not told to don life jackets. As the boat sat in the water, a barge drove into the vessel, sending most of the passengers over the edge and into the water below. The two victims' deaths have been blamed on the negligence of the tug boat operator who was pulling the barge.

Since then, the tug boat pilot has been charged with the maritime equivalent of involuntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to one year behind bars for causing the accident. According to prosecutors handling the case, he was on his cell phone at the time of the boat accident. Do you want to move forward with a claim to seek damages for your accident case? If so, get legal help now by contacting the Negroni Law Group to obtain the services of an experienced Broward County personal injury lawyer from our office.