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Elderly Woman Crashes Vehicle into Supermarket

An elderly woman crashed through the front doors of a supermarket in Florida last week. A video capturing the incident showed the woman speeding up as she plunged through the glass doors. Several people were injured as a result of the car accident. The suspect, 76-year-old T.W., has been ordered to appear in court due to the severity of the injuries caused at the accident scene. Although the driver herself was not injured, several shoppers and store employees sustained minor to serious injuries. Latest reports indicate that three people remain hospitalized at a Daytona Beach medical facility.

Two of the victims are senior citizens as well and are in serious condition. One of the victims, 83-year-old L.M.H., was trapped underneath the suspect's car. His wife was also injured but has since been released from the hospital. Although the police are still investigating the auto accident, it does not appear to have been caused by any mechanical problems with the vehicle. If you sustained injuries during a collision and are hoping to seek compensation for your pain and suffering, contact the Negroni Law Group today to see what options you have by speaking with a Broward County personal injury lawyer from our office.