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Young Girl Walking Again after Suffering Catstrophic Injuries

A teenage girl that was almost killed in a freak accident is walking once again. The victim visited the hospital where she spent months rehabilitating to praise the doctors and the facility. T.M. was seriously injured in an accident that took place in June 2010 at an amusement park. At that time, she was on a thrill ride when she fell 100 feet to the ground below. Nearly 19 months after her recovery, the teenager visited the hospital with her mother. Although the young woman has been unable to return to school, her mother hopes that her daughter will be able to finish high school next year.

At first, doctors were not sure if T.M. would ever be able to walk again. When she was brought to the emergency care ward in 2010, surgeons recommended completing a complete spinal fusion. It has taken over one year of physical therapy for T.M. to regain some mobility by using a walker. Did you sustain a catastrophic injury due to another person's negligence in Florida? If so, contact the Negroni Law Group today to discuss your case with an understanding Broward County personal injury lawyer.