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Widow of Boat Racing Champion Files Wrongful Death Suit

After losing her husband during a championship boat racing event, one woman has decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Despite the dangerous nature of the event, the woman believes that her husband's death could have been avoided. P.G. lost her husband, J.G., 59, at the Key West Super Boat World Championship last year. A veteran racer, he was participating in the race with the owner of the boat when he lost control of the vessel. The 38-foot catamaran overturned, trapping J.G. in his seat while the owner of the boat was able to escape. The lawsuit states that J.G. was still alive for several minutes and fought to free himself from the seat.

The widow goes on to state that despite having two experienced rescue dive paramedics on hand at the event, the organizer chose to send two inexperienced divers instead. This was done as a cost-saving measure, the lawsuit claims, and as such makes her husband's death the fault of the event organizers and medical staff. If you intend to file a wrongful death lawsuit, it is important that you are represented by a knowledgeable and aggressive Broward County personal injury lawyer. To enlist our legal services, contact the Negroni Law Group to have your case evaluated.