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Restaurant Sued For Role In Drunk Driving Accident

One man chose to drink and drive which resulted in a car accident that took a victim's life. In addition to the DUI files against him, he now faces a civil lawsuit for the wrongful death of a South Carolina man. According to the police report, 32-year-old Q.M. lost his life earlier this year in a drunk driving crash. He was heading home when he was struck by A.J.B., an assistant manager at a local Charleston restaurant. While A.J.B. already faced charges for felony driving under the influence, he now faces civil charges as well.

The family of Q.M. has filed a lawsuit against the restaurant and the driver. It claims that the restaurant was serving alcohol to A.J.B. past the legal serving time. When police tested the suspect's blood alcohol level, they found it to be nearly three times the legal limit. When someone you love is taken too soon, you may have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit if you can prove the negligence was involved. To learn more about filing this type of claim in the state of Florida, take the time to contact the Negroni Law Group and have your case reviewed by a Broward County personal injury attorney from our team.