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Police Still Reviewing Elements of Fatal Auto Accident

A crash that took the life of one and injured several more is still under investigation by the Florida Highway Department. Since the accident happened early in the morning, there were no witnesses to the incident. Based on their preliminary report, police have determined that the driver was on a westbound ramp when he lost control of the vehicle. The car flipped over and slid into a concrete guardrail. At this time, it is uncertain who was killed in the car accident. At least one other person was brought to an area hospital with serious injuries.

Police also found a trail of blood leading from the accident scene across the highway. It appears as though an injured person ran from the vehicle. It is unknown who the person is and why they ran away. Officers have yet to determine the cause of the accident. Injured in an auto accident? If so, take the time to have your case evaluated by a Broward County personal injury attorney from our office as you may be entitled to compensation. To learn more, contact the Negroni Law Group now.