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Your Potential for a Concussion

Concussions affect each individual differently. A head injury that barely phases one person may put another individual out for days, weeks, or months. US News recently discovered that where a person is hit in the head is key to the effects of their concussion. While most people recover from a concussion with no lasting problems, one study says that almost 30 percent of people might suffer serious permanent consequences. Sometimes the effect is debilitating, other times it comes in the form of amnesia or a personality change.

Previous research has shown that there are detectable differences between the brain of a person who suffers a concussion and the brain of a person who doesn't. In the new study, doctors and scientists used a new technique called a diffusion tensor image to scan the brains of 19 women and 15 men who were affected by a concussion. After looking at the images from the scan, researchers found that concussion patients tend to have unique patterns of abnormalities in their brain regions. A lot of times, these abnormalities even change over time. That means that when you suffer a concussion, chances are that it will do permanent damage to your brain, regardless of if you notice the changes early on.

If you were hit in the head and suffered a concussion or a brain injury, then you may want to talk to a personal injury attorney. Chances are that your injury could have been prevented had people taken more precautions. We don't want you to suffer unjustly because someone else was careless. A lawsuit will teach the negligent party how to treat you with the respect that you deserve and give them a lesson which will help them to take precautions in the future. If you feel you deserve restitution, then talk to a personal injury attorney in Florida today!