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White Water Rafting Company Faces Wrongful Death Charges

Vicki Savard decided to go white water rafting on May 17, 2008, because she was in the mood for an adrenaline rush. But what began as a fun outing at Cheat River Outfitters ended up costing Vicki her life. After she had passed away, Kerry Savard sparked a lawsuit in a West Virginia court, listing the Cheat River Outfitters Inc., the company's president, and three river guides as defendants. Yet on February 8, 2011, the wrongful death case was dismissed without a verdict, due to a lack of personal jurisdiction and a lack of venue. Now, the case has been reopened, since Kerry and his legal representative were ruthless in their fight to gain justice for Vicki's untimely passing. The case is still ongoing, as courts probe into the personal records of the three river raft guides who were partially to blame for Vicki's fall overboard.

White water rafting can be very dangerous, and many times people are hurt or injured when partaking in this activity. If you choose to go white water rafting, you will probably have to sign a waiver that states that you will assume responsibility for any hurt that you incur. Yet when the staff on your raft does not make an effort to secure your safety, then you need to bring this up in court. No business should operate under hazardous premises. If you want to litigate a company that has caused the wrongful death of a loved one, or caused you serious bodily harm, then you need to talk to a lawyer at the Negroni Law Firm. We are dedicated to working for you and giving you the tools you need to make a valid argument. We will fight for you, seeking to give you the financial award that you deserve for the hardship that another company cost you.