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Shawn Johnson Forced to Retire Because of Knee Injury

Shawn Johnson, the USA Olympic gold medalist, recently announced that she is retiring from gymnastics because of a painful knee injury. In a report by Florida Today, Johnson says that the knee injury keeps getting worse and worse. She explained that she needs time to rest so that she can live a long and healthy life. The young Olympian is sad to say goodbye to the activity that has dictated her life since she was a little girl. The USA Gymnastics president says that it has been a fun road with Shawn and they are certainly going to miss her. Since winning four medals at the 2008 Olympic Games, Shawn Johnson has gone on to become a celebrity. She won Dancing with the Stars and enjoyed her newfound fame until a ski accident in 2010 sent her to the doctor with an injured knee.

While skiing, the athlete tore her ACL, MCL, and meniscus along with a hamstring. She competed in the Pan American Games, but when she tried to increase her training to prepare for the 2012 Olympics in London, her knee wouldn't cooperate. She says that there were days she would show up for training and the knee would be so swollen that she was forced to turn around and head home. She is very sad that she has to withdraw her participation in the London Olympics, but hopes that the rest will allow her damaged knee to restore itself.

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