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Palm Bay Resident Attacked by Pit Bull

Pit Bulls are considered one of the most violent and dangerous species of dogs. Recently, a 39-year-old woman from Palm Bay faced the danger of these violent dogs when she was ruthlessly attacked. Jolanda Pollard says that the Pit Bull belonged to her friend, and that the attack was unprovoked. Jolanda and her boyfriend were visiting at a friends' house when the dog approached the couch where they were sitting.

It was the first time that Jolanda had ever met the dog, who she assumed would be friendly. When the dog came up to her, she started to pet it, and at that point the animal turned on her viciously. The Pit Bull went for her face, sinking its teeth into the delicate flesh. As a result of the attack, Jolanda's lip was split in two and her hand was mauled. The dog was contained in the house until a Brevard County Animal Service officer arrived to take it away. The homeowner was given citations from the police for an attack that cause serious injury.

She had also failed to vaccinate the dog, which means that he could have been carrying dangerous diseases that would harm both the animal and Jolanda. The owner of the animal has the choice to ask for the dog back once the entire fiasco is complete. The dog is currently under 10-day quarantine. Jolanda is still recovering from the serious injuries. She will probably carry scars from the attack with her for the rest of her life, and will need medical attention to correct the wounds. If you were the vcitim of a dog attack, you may have the grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. Talk to a Florida personal injury attorney today to get more information!