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NYC Taxi Cab Accident Kills Driver and Tourist, Hospitalizes Grandson

One grandmother wanted to do something memorable for her grandson on his birthday. The loving woman from Utah decided that it would be fun to take the 11-year-old on a trip to Big Apple while he was on summer break. They planned to see all the sites- the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and a Broadway show. Yet they never made it, due to the negligence of a cab driver. On Saturday, the grandmother and her grandson were in the back of a taxi cab driving from Kennedy International Airport into the city of Manhattan to start their trip. It was raining, which made the freeways slick and slippery. According to the Washington Post, the taxi cab slammed into the back of a sports car when it hydroplaned, and then spun towards a teetering garbage truck.

The large truck couldn't stop in time and fell onto the taxi cab, crushing it into a pile of metal. The taxi cab was smashed; both the driver and the grandmother were killed. The 11-year-old boy is currently at a hospital in New York. He suffered broken bones and other injuries, but is recovering quickly and can already walk again. Still, the child is bereft of a grandmother, all because a cab driver was not able to drive safely during the rain. Incidents like this one are horrible. The grandmother may have survived, if it wasn't for the negligence of the NYC cab driver. If you have been involved in a collision and suffered injury or lost a loved one, then you should press charges. It's not right that someone else can make a mistake that robs you of your happiness. Talk to a Florida personal injury attorney if you live in this area and have been involved in a taxi cab catastrophe.