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Infant Illness Leads to Lawsuit Against Pet Food Manufacturer

Diamond Pet Foods was once a reputable brand that provided dog chow for healthy pets all across America. However, the pet food company took a hit when they had to recall thousands of bags of kibble because of a potential salmonella outbreak. Currently, the company is working hard to obtain the bags of dog food that weren't manufactured properly and may put Fido at risk. Yet recently, the company has had to face another lawsuit concerning a baby who contracted the dangerous disease. The infant in New Jersey enjoyed running his hands through the dog food, and may have even popped a few kibbles in his mouth on occasion. Not long after he consumed the pet food, the child was hospitalized.

A stool sample showed that he had Salmonella infantis. When the parents discovered that Diamond Pet Foods had issued a recall on their animal foods for this exact same disease, they made the connection. It's not mystery that the child obtained salmonella from the dog food. Now, the family is going after both the dog food company and Costco Wholesale, the store that was actively selling the recalled product. The plaintiff is seeking over $75,000 for punitive and compensatory damages as well as court costs. They lawsuit includes eight separate counts that include negligence and fraudulent misrepresentation.

Have you fallen ill to a rare sickness because of the way food was processed? Sometimes companies will make a grave mistake when they are manufacturing their product, and a dangerous ingredient or bacteria will make its way into the recipe. Often the FDA will detect these mistakes and force the company to issue a recall, just like Diamond Pet Foods had to do. Yet there are times that every item is not gathered back up, and the loose products can be dangerous. If you are involved in a similar situation, hire a personal injury attorney to help fight for you. You deserve compensation for the inconvenience and danger that you were put through.