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E. Coli Outbreak Affects 15 People

E. coli is dangerous bacteria that can sometimes be found in foods that were not inspected properly. The germ infests a human digestive tract, causing cramps and vomiting. Sometimes the particles can cause anemia or kidney failure, and these conditions can lead to a premature death. Normally, E. coli is found in meat that is not processed safely. It can also be found in raw milk or dairy products or raw fruits and vegetables. In some cases, E. coli may be present in water sources, especially sources that could be polluted with human or animal feces.

The disease is also contagious, and can be spread from person to person if parties are not careful to wash their hands. For some Americans, the symptoms of E. coli are well known. A national, scattered outbreak has caused 15 people to come down the disease recently. One of the victims, a child from New Orleans, was killed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not been able to identify whether or not a food source is spreading the disease.

Three people are currently hospitalized. In Georgia, 5 cases have been reported, and Louisiana has located 4. As well, 2 people in Alabama discovered they had the disease and in Tennessee, Florida, and California one victim has been detected. Investigators suspect that the sickness may be rooted in some sort of hamburger meat. When you order food at a restaurant or purchase it at a grocery store, you should be able to trust that you will not fall ill from consuming it. Yet in this case, 15 people have been cheated by a contaminated food source, and one family is now bereft of their child. If you lost a loved one to a food borne illness, or have fallen ill because of a contaminated product, then you need to talk to a personal injury lawyer. Contact someone at the Negroni Law Group right now to discuss your situation.