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Woman Accidentally Shot Boyfriend at West Palm Beach Gun Range

Most gunshot wounds can be traced to a malicious criminal, but in some cases, the wounds are totally unintended. In West Palm Beach, at the gun range, a woman who was celebrating the Fourth of July with her boyfriend suddenly wound up accompanying him to the hospital when she accidentally shot him in the ankle.

CBS News Local says that the couple was shooting guns as a part of their holiday celebration and was at the Gator Guns and Archery Center. Because she did not have the safety on the gun, she may have accidentally pulled the trigger and accidentally hit her loved one in the ankle while the firearm was pointed downward. Another news source says that the bullet was a ricochet which hit the young man in the ankle.

The victim was rushed by helicopter to the St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach. The shot was not intentional. Gun and archery ranges are a location full of personal injury possibilities. Along with situations like this, there are times that a person fires the gun the wrong way on accident, or drops a gun and causes it to fire. Whenever you rent guns at a firing range for recreation, make sure to keep the safety lock on whenever you are not using the weapon. Also, remember the damage that your gun can do, and keep it far from your loved ones and friends.

If you were accidentally injured by a firearm, bow and arrow, or another weapon at a firing range, then you can seek damages. You may be able to sue the company for failing to take all safety precautions, and you may also be able to seek compensation from your friend because of his or her inability to control the weapon properly. Talk to a personal injury lawyer in Florida for more information.