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OHSA Sparks Fall Prevention Campaign for Construction Workers

Construction workers spend countless hours on the scaffolding high above our city sidewalks. These brave and hardworking employees are constantly building onto skyscrapers and refurbishing tall buildings. In order to do so, the build platforms of pipes and wood which hold them dozens of feet off the ground. While this is an effective way to get work on large structures done, it can also be dangerous. Ladders, scaffolds, roofs and other platforms can be rickety or poorly constructed, and one bad move can send a construction worker plummeting downwards. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration says that falls are the leading cause of death in construction. In 2010 alone, there were 264 fall fatalities on construction sites, and all of those deaths were preventable.

Because of the need to save lives, the OHSA has started a campaign. They want construction companies to plan ahead of time to get the sky-high construction jobs done safely. This means that contractors will need to purchase the safety equipment needed for the job ahead of time. Contractors should look at the job being completed and brainstorm the possible safety hazards involved. Then, it’s off to the market to purchase the right safety gear. Certain ladders only work for certain tasks, so companies should have an array of choices for their employees. Also, when high up, construction workers may need harnesses and cables. This will prevent them from tumbling to the ground if they lose their footing on narrow scaffolding.

Employers shouldn’t only purchase equipment, but inspect it. Make sure that the construction workers wearing harnesses have them on correctly and are using them the right way. This involves training. The OHSA encourages all contractors to host training sessions about construction site safety so that the employees will be prepared for a safe and secure working experience. If you were hurt in a construction accident, or your loved one died falling in a construction accident, then talk to a personal injury lawyer at our firm. We can help you to obtain the damages you deserve.