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Man Without Legs Climbs Mr. Kilimanjaro

When you are confronted with a sudden disability because of someone else’s negligence, the pain can go far beyond the physical. For many people, the emotional turmoil of a debilitating injury is far more disastrous then the physical hurt is. But for Spencer West, nothing, not even a loss of limbs, will stop him from achieving his goals. This young man lost his legs not from an accident, but from a genetic disease. He was born with sacral agenesis, a sickness which causes the lower spine and pelvis to form incorrectly at birth.

West lost his legs through an amputation at age 5, and his parents were told that their son would never sit up, walk, or be a functioning member of society. West, however, would hear none of that. The young man recently returned from climbing the 19,000-foot Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the highest peak in Africa. West says that he underwent this feat to raise $750,000 for better water in Africa. The disabled gentleman was accompanied by two of his best friends, and reached the summit of the mountain on June 19th, 2012. This feat shows that a disability does not need to the end of your life. Like Spencer West, you may be able to overcome the limits of your injuries and go on to do amazing feats.

However, if you have been injured you probably have medical bills, therapy costs, and other expenses that you are trying to recover from. If you severed a limb or were forced to amputate an arm or leg because of an injury, you may have lost your job and found yourself having difficulty with many aspects of life. As a disabled person, you have the right to file for Social Security Disability Benefits. You also have an express right to litigate against a party that you believe was responsible for your injury. Talk to someone at Negroni Law today if you want more information.