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Food Allergies Most Likely to Affect City Kids

Food allergies can be dangerous, and even fatal, if they are not detected and precautions are not taken to avoid consuming those foods. A new study by the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine recently discovered that kids from the city are much more likely to be affected by these allergies than those who live in rural areas. The research project determined that almost 9.8 of all kids in urban centers have allergies, while only 6.2 kids who live in countryside areas had the same problem.

City children are twice as prone to have peanut allergies as their rural counterparts, and shellfish allergies are also most common in metropolitan youth. When state surveys were compared and organized, the researchers discovered that Florida was among the top 7 states that have the most children with allergies. Along with Florida, allergy issues are also prevalent in Nevada, Georgia, Alaska, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey.

One doctor says that the higher populations generate more allergies. He wants to know whether or not the environment is triggering these allergies, and how the symptoms would be reduced if less people lived in the affected cities. Dr. Ruchi Gupta says that the same results came when a study was done on asthma. Also in the study which was posted in Clinical Pediatrics, the doctors involved were able to determine that 40 percent of all children with allergies have had a life-threatening attack.

About 5.9 million children under the age of 18 are inflicted with some sort of allergy, which averages out to about one out of every thirteen children. If you child had an allergic reaction because someone was negligent or allowed your young one to consume a food with knowledge that it might cause this reaction, then you have a right to sue that guardian.