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FDA Issues a Recall on Fruiti Pops

Fruiti Pops are a wonderful summer treat when it’s hot outside, but recently, the Food and Drug Administration issued a recall on the products because of their inherent danger to consumers. The Fruiti Pops corporation was recently called out when it was discovered that their Classic Coconut frozen dessert bars have undeclared egg yolks inside. People who have an allergy to eggs could potentially have a reaction if they consume the popsicles. The FDA is worried that the frozen treats could be life threatening, and therefore want 178 dozen of the pops returned to the Fruiti company.

The bars were primarily distributed in Southern California, and are often sold by push cars and ice cream trucks. Children who order the tasty treat and have an allergy to eggs would not know that there was a dangerous ingredient in their dessert and may end up in the hospital. The products were distributed in the latter half of June and are not labeled with any warnings or expiration dates. To this date, no illnesses have been reported from the pops.

However, the lack of warning on the packages could create injuries in the future, and Fruiti wants to avoid harming customers and receiving lawsuits for a faulty product. If there was warning on the packaging that told allergic consumers that the dessert bars may contain eggs, then there would be no necessity for a recall. If you have experienced an allergic reaction due to faulty packaging, then the FDA requests that you notify them of the issue immediately. As well, you have a right to sue the company who manufactured the falsely labeled product. The FDA is vigilant in detecting false packaging and issuing recalls because of them. Contact a personal injury lawyer if you were harmed by a product in Florida and want to seek damages.