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Burn Centers Around the Country Help Victims to Cope

Children and adults alike are prone the horrible atrocities of a third degree burn. Whether from fire, acid, another chemical, hot water, or a scalding item like an iron, men and women can be severely and permanently damaged by burns. Sometimes, these victims have to suffer the pain of their burns for the rest of their lives. While there is often physical discomfort involved in these burns, there are also times that the injury leaves an emotional scar. People can be disfigured from a severe burn, and if the scars mar their faces or bodies it can create embarrassment, shame, and isolation.

Now, burn victims have a way to cope with the distress that their burn can bring. The Angel Faces retreat in Los Angeles, California, is only one of the many burn centers around the nation that help girls who are victims of disfiguring burns. While both men and women can suffer after their injuries, women have a tendency to place high value on their physical appearance. Being disfigured by a burn can be a complete shock and seem like a devastating loss to them. These burn center programs use group counseling sessions, art therapy, and role playing to help heal the emotional scars that these females face.

The retreat also offers massages, hair styling, facials, and makeovers for the girls, and teaches them how to use makeup to minimize their scars as much as possible. The girls who travel to this retreat from all over America have a variety of stories. Some were burned purposely, some on accident, but all have suffered unspeakable hardship from their situation. If you have been burned because of someone’s negligence, then you deserve damages. These damages can pay for your medical costs, and may even be able to cover the costs of attending a burn therapy retreat like this one.