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Truck Accident Injures Multiple Vicitims

Several people were injured in a truck accident that took up most of an interstate in Florida last week. While there were no deaths, three people were sent to local hospitals with serious injuries.

According to officials, three people from Wyoming County were hurt in the multiple-vehicle accident. Two of the victims suffered multiple broken bones. At this time, it is uncertain as to how the third was injured. The accident was caused by a logging truck that overturned and spilled its load onto the roadway. Unable to steer clear of the falling logs, several vehicles were either struck by the logs or each other.

This caused a chain-reaction crash that involved a mail delivery truck and another tractor trailer that was hauling methyl bromide. That truck caught fire in the crash forcing several drivers to leave their vehicles and wait by the side of the road. Police are still investigating the truck accident to determine if the truck driver should be charged.

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