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Mother Suing Apartment Complex for Daughter's Death in Fire

An apartment building fire in Chicago, Illinois took the life of a young woman last week. Now, her mother is suing the rental company for failing to instruct the residents to evacuate the building as soon as the fire started. The young woman, aged 32, was living in the high-rise when an apartment on the 12th floor caught on fire. According to the fire report, the couple living in that apartment left their door open so their pets could escape. This exacerbated the fire, causing it to spread even more quickly. The victim was unaware that there was a fire in the building when she boarded the elevator as usual.

Reports indicate that the victim became trapped in the elevator with no way to escape. Firefighters believe that she must have experienced temperatures up to 1,500 degrees before she perished. The mother has since filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the managers and owners of the building in which her daughter resided. If you have reason to believe that the death of your loved one was caused by another person's negligence, take the time to contact the Negroni Law Group so you have the opportunity to discuss your case with a Broward County personal injury attorney.