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Florida Governor Aiming to Combat Auto Insurance Fraud

According to reports, Florida drivers pay nearly 56% more for their car insurance rates when compared to most other states. Concerned about the economic welfare of his state's residents, Florida Governor Rick Scott is working on insurance law reform this year. He says these higher rates are a result of increased fees due to insurance fraud. Insurance companies have been forced to raise their own rates, to the tune of nearly $1 billion last year, to accommodate the increased rate of insurance claims. The Governor went on to say that insurance rates should actually be declining since the rate of auto accidents in Florida have decreased. The past five years have seen a 12 percent decrease in auto accidents statewide.

Police are working with state officials to catch groups of people that are working together to conduct auto accident scams. These people often work together to file a fraudulent claim and then split the profits. It is unfair for safe drivers to be charged extra for the actions of those people conducting insurance scams, the Governor has said publicly. If you were hurt in an auto accident, you do not want to take on your insurance company on your own. Instead, count on a Broward County personal injury attorney from our office to deal with insurance and legal matters on your behalf. To enlist our help, contact the Negroni Law Group now.