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Dog Alerts Kayaker of its Owner's Fatal Auto Accident

Tragedy struck on a small island off the Florida coast. According to reports, a woman was struck and killed by a car while jogging on the beach with her dog. A man kayaking off the coast of Siesta Key noticed a dog swimming nearby. He rescued the dog and brought it to shore in search of his owner. The man quickly learned that the owner, 53-year-old D.C., had been struck by a drunk driver.

The suspect, 22-year-old B.T., was first involved in a drunk driving crash, from which he drove away. While he was fleeing the scene of that crash he struck the woman jogging with her dog. She died at the scene and the dog managed ran away, later to be rescued by the kayaker. The dog has since been returned to the woman's family. News sources say that when the dog was first found, it had traveled over a mile away from the scene of the auto accident. If you or someone close to you was seriously injured during a car accident, contact the Negroni Law Group now to have your case reviewed by an experienced Broward County personal injury attorney who can advise you of your rights and legal possibilities.