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DNA Connects Hit and Run Driver to Bicycle Accident

Police in Glen Burnie have finally caught up with the man that struck a biker and left the scene of the bicycle accident. Thanks to the town's CSI department, DNA was used to connect the driver responsible for the bicycle accident to the crime. Last July, a man was riding his bicycle in Glen Burnie when he was struck from behind by a gray vehicle. The driver then kept going, leaving the man for dead on the roadway.

Thanks to the quick action of several eyewitnesses, the police were called and EMTs rushed the victim to a nearby hospital. Although the witnesses were able to give a description of the vehicle and the driver, it was not enough information to lead police to their suspect. The 57-year-old driver has finally been linked to the accident and now faces a variety of driving violations. He could be charged with negligent driving, failing to stay at the scene of an accident, and failing to administer aid to someone injured by the accident. Hurt by a driver while riding your bike in Florida? If so, contact the Negroni Law Group now to find out what legal options you have at your disposal by consulting a Broward County personal injury lawyer from our legal team.