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Slip & Fall Tragedies: Reminder for Pool Safety

Being out by the pool can be a child’s greatest memory of their summer. Remembering the fun games they played, who they laughed with, how pruned their skin got because they stayed in the water all day, and so many more reasons. The pool provides for great memories until an accident happens and it results in an injury or death of a loved one. Accidents around the pool happen all the time unfortunately, so as adults the responsibility to teach your children proper safety measures lies with you.

As a parent or caregiver, one of the most important things to remember about pool safety is to never leave your child left unattended, even if they are with multiple children, an adult should always be by the water with an observing eye to the children in and around the water. Teaching children proper pool etiquette such as never running around the pool is crucial. Slipping is all too easy walking around the pool, when running is added to the equation the danger level increases greatly. Another important measure to take is having a secure gate or barrier between the pool and anything else in the backyard. Children are smart, even if you have a gate make sure it is locked properly or else they may just find a way to enter into the forbidden zone.

Another measure to consider is to invest in a secure pool covering; this too can prevent a child from accidently falling in. These covers aren’t as safe compared to a secure fence around the pool, but it is better than having nothing. Lastly, teach your children to swim. Invest the time when they are very young by taking them to classes or teaching them yourself. Not only can this help them swim if they are in the water, but the familiarity of knowing how to swim can help prevent panic if they were to fall in by accident. Pool safety is never something to take lightly, invest in your children and teach them how to swim and do what is necessary to keep them safe.