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Mental Abuse can Lead Lifelong Scars

People sue for injuries every day. From broken bones to sexual assault, people are constantly in courts listing their expenses and seeking damages. But in some cases it may be worth it to pursue damages for mental abuse. If a child is mentally abused by his or her teachers, caretakers, authorities, or even parents, it can become a serious issue that leads lasting scars just as painful as those from a burn injury or a dog attack.

Mental abuse stems from verbal abuse. When an adult constantly belittles, threatens, or even just ignores children, it can ravage their mental health. More and more children who have been mentally abused end up in desperate need of psychiatric help later on in their lives. Psychological abuse doesn’t have a federally recognized definition, but is treated on a case-by-case basis. Some parents or teachers may not be exceptional encouragers, but there is a line between abuse and a lack of compassion.

When authorities cross that line, then there could be the right to litigate. For example, if a child is psychologically damaged by a teacher at school who says that he or she will never amount to anything, then the parents may want to seek damages from that person. In addition to pain and suffering, they can ask that person to pay for their child’s psychological help and pediatric psychiatrist sessions.

The impairments that are associated with psychological maltreatment can be serious, and you will want financial help if your child is force to undergo treatments for the mentally damaging comments that he or she had to live with all through childhood. If your child was threatened, you may want to take this to a criminal court as well. Talk to a personal injury lawyer today if you want more information about how to litigate in a mental abuse case.