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Hazing Leads to Death: Will This Teach A Lesson to Other Schools?

Robert Champion was a victim of a horrible crime in November 2011. Champion was a dedicated member of his college marching band, he was sadly killed as a result of their hazing. Just this July did the family of Robert Champion file a wrongful death lawsuit against Florida A&M University (FAMU) for their son’s brutal beatings of the marching band. The lawsuit claimed that the school knew full well of the marching band’s lively participation in hazing, and had done nothing to prevent their actions.

Eleven members of the marching band face felony charges for the death of young Robert. It was reported that the President of FAMU resigned as a result of the actions at his school, and it leaves the public wondering how this event will affect campuses around the country. The director of state relations and policy analysis at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), Daniel Hurley, claims that this event is sure to be a reminder to leaders and staff within campuses that if there is any sort of suspicion of hazing or negligent behavior on campus it is not to be tolerated, and the results can be deadly.

Schools need to be actively taking a stance on violence on their campuses, hazing isn’t just a fun prank in this day and age, it is becoming cruel and abusive and it needs to come to an end. It has been reported by multiple people who worked alongside the President at the school that he was well aware of what was happening on his campus. Some police report that they had addressed their concerns to him not long before Champion died as a victim. This tragedy has put the negligence of different leaders of the FAMU campus on display, and it is hoped that a lesson will be taken from this event. Hazing should not be tolerated, the repercussions can and have been deadly.