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Dump Truck Rolls into Residency in Tampa

When people are watching their Sunday night television programs, they don’t often expect a large dump truck to come rolling into their living room. Yet the occupants of a one-story brick home in Florida lived this shocking surprise on Sunday, July 29th, when a dump truck from a nearby Cuban restaurant was set loose. The manager of the restaurant says that no one is sure how the large vehicle got loose, but he assumes that the driver failed to put on the parking break or put the truck into gear. The manager said that the damage to the nearby home was extremely extensive, and that the entire neighborhood was set into panic after the disaster.

The police are still investigating the incident. According to their preliminary research, the police have discovered the dump truck is owned by a 53-year-old named Daniel C. Echols. The owner parked his car in a parking lot near the La Teresita Plus Club and went into the Cuban café to get something to eat. A short time later the truck broke loose. When the large vehicle smashed into the residency, it knocked over and destroyed the renter’s TV. Thankfully, the people in the home were not hurt by the crash. The restaurant is well known in the community, but are not being blamed for the accident.

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