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CT Scans: Are they Safe?

While CT scans can easily determine whether or not you are at risk to a heart attack, they may not be helping your health. According to a recent article in The Sun Sentinel, the CT scans send people into a financial bind and also end up exposing people who may not have a risk of heart attack to unnecessary amounts of radiation.

While the CT scan is certainly a life saver if someone is having a heart attack, studies show that 90 percent of all people who got to hospitals each year for chest pain don’t have a heart disease. Instead, they normally have severe indigestion, muscle pain, stress issues, or another problem. Doctors are terrified of missing heart diseases that could be life threatening, but at the same time they often inject dye and perform radiology techniques on people who didn’t even need them.

More and more young patients are being sent to the radiologist for CT Scans, which can create a higher risk of cancer in the years down the road. Many times doctors say that they want a CT scan performed, and patients are too nervous to step up and refuse to take the test. These people are often unaware that they don’t actually have to abide by the doctor’s requests if they don’t want to. If they want to eliminate the risk of cancer by radiology, they can say that they don’t want a CT scan and would prefer that the physicians use other options to get to diagnose your condition.

Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital recently proved that many times a CT scan can be an overtreatment. You will be over-spending and putting yourself at an increased risk to cancer. If you contracted an illness related to your hospital treatment, you may have the right to sue for medical malpractice. Talk to a lawyer at Negroni Law today for more information!