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Alan Poindexter Former Astronaut Dies in Jet Ski Accident

Captain Alan Poindexter, 50, was a killed in July after a Jet Ski collision. Known by his friends as “Dex”, Alan was a space shuttle commander who had the opportunity of being a part of two space missions with NASA in his lifetime. It is reported that Dex was out with his family enjoying the water on their Jet Skis near Pensacola Beach, Florida when the accident occurred. His 21 year old son was apparently on the ski with Dex, and his eldest son, Zachary, was one his own. Boating accident investigators reported that the eldest son’s Jet Ski collided into his fathers. Dex was taken immediately to a nearby hospital, when he died not long after as a result of complications from his injuries. The Huffington Post reports that Dex stopped his ski for some reason, and his son didn’t notice it on time which resulted in their collision.

Zachary’s boat is said to have completely flipped and then it hit Capt. Poindexter. In the case of his death, no charges have been filed. This is a difficult time for the family, though they remember a man whom they greatly loved. The family is able to remember his successes and accomplishments as a NASA commander, and hear from people he worked with who loved him greatly too. Many of his co-NASA workers share that he was a selfless individual who was passionate about what he love and about other people. Boating and Jet Ski accidents are tragic stories to hear, and in the event that it may have not been an accident that a person was injured there is a chance to fight for compensation from the injury or death. At Negroni Law Group we are practiced in the area of personal injury claims and wrongful death claims, please contact us today for more information!