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67-Year-Old Dies in Florida Residency Fire

Over 40 firefighters and dozens of emergency teams rushed to the Tiara East Condos at the end of July when one of the complexes caught on fire. The blaze spread from condo to condo, charring many of the 17 stories. According to the Sun Sentinel, the fire began in Unit 902, where the renter perished in the flames. A firefighter who was fighting the fire suffered second-degree burns in the accident and was rushed to Broward Health North for treatments. The fire also shut down the Northeast Fourth Court to 20th Terrace for nearly three hours. About 35 residents were evacuated from the apartment complex when the fire was discovered in the middle of the day.

One of the women who lived in the complex said that it was a “blow torch” sort of situation. The fire was eventually stamped out, but not without the loss of the older woman who lived in Unit 902. Witnesses say that the fire involved a horrific explosion on the ninth floor. The smoke billowed until the building was engulfed, and witnesses say that couldn’t even navigate through the sooty air. Many of the residents assumed that it was a false alarm when the loud bell sounded through the building, but the scent of smoke and the panic from the ninth floor quickly changed their minds. The fire is still under investigation.

If the accident occurred as a result of an electrical issue or another fault that was the result of a lack of maintenance, then the family of the deceased may be able to seek damages for wrongful death. This is because it is the apartment complex’s responsibility to take care of the maintenance of the building and avoid any electrical fires or plumbing floods. If the resident already requested service and was not given the attention that he or she needed, then this is also a reasonable cause to sue. Talk to a lawyer at the Negroni Law Firm if you want more information about how to obtain damages for your suffering.