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Ten Auto Accidents Occur in Span of 24 Hours

Police officers in South Florida were kept busy attending to ten auto accidents in a span of 24 hours. Due to the number of collisions reported, last Saturday is being called the deadliest day on South Florida roadways. The terminal crash occurred early Sunday morning and took the lives of four people. Police reports show that two vehicles struck one another head-on, resulting in a fire that claimed four lives and injured several more.

Several more crashes were reported in and around Broward, including the death of a woman who was seven months pregnant and a little girl who was playing on her front yard. Another accident involved a hit-and-run driver who fled the scene, leaving two people to die. The two victims were attempting to change a tire on the side of the road when they were struck by the driver. Eyewitness reports indicate that the driver then fled the scene of the accident without checking on the victims which is illegal in the state of Florida. Did you suffer injuries during an auto accident caused by another person's negligence? Contact the Negroni Law Group as soon as possible to learn what options you have at your disposal by getting advice from a knowledgeable Broward County personal injury lawyer.